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High Availability | Cluster Administration | OpenShift The IP failover deployment configuration specifies the set of VIP addresses, and the set of nodes on which to service them. A cluster can have multiple IP failover deployment configurations, with each managing its own set of unique VIP addresses. Each node in the IP failover configuration runs an IP failover pod, and this pod runs Keepalived. Host a Website with High Availability | Linode Jul 14, 2020 High Availability | Cluster Administration | OpenShift The oadm ipfailover command helps set up the VIP failover configuration. As an administrator, you can configure IP failover on an entire cluster, or on a subset of nodes, as defined by the labeled selector. If you are running in production, match the labeled selector with at least two nodes to ensure you have failover protection and provide a --replicas= value that matches the number of

High-Availability Storage with GlusterFS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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Implementing AWS ECS Services with GlusterFS Shared Storage

[Question] glusterfs client failover #119. ghost opened this issue Feb 14, 2017 · 13 comments Labels. Question. Comments. Copy link Quote reply ghost commented Feb 14, 2017 How to survive an outage and live to tell about it! Sep 06, 2018 Create an FCI with Storage Spaces Direct - SQL Server on In Failover Cluster Manager, make sure all core cluster resources are on the first virtual machine. If necessary, move all resources to that virtual machine. Locate the installation media. If the virtual machine uses one of the Azure Marketplace images, the media is located at C:\SQLServer__Full. Guide: Create your own Windows fileserver cluster on Mar 23, 2017