Then open Choose adapter settings on the left and see if Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is in place. Next step is to share the Internet connection. In our example it’s a wired connection (over LAN) but this can be a connection via USB modem, USB-connected phone or Bluetooth.

How to create Windows 7 Hotspot or Virtual WiFi from Check the Virtual Wireless Adapter IPv4 Properties: (hosting computer) The IP should read 192.168.XYZ.1 and the Mask should be; Few things to note. The name of the adapter for the Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter may be “Wireless Network Connection XY.” Where XY usually is ‘2,’ but maybe anything – mine is ‘9’. windows 7 - 随笔分类 - 文玉 - 博客园 2014-8-21 · 摘要:如果你的系统中看到【Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter 】,代表你可以创建一个虚拟一个Wi-fi接入点。1:开启Virtual WiFi功能以管理员权限打开命令行窗口,分别执行以下命令:netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=自定义名字 AFAIK, the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is a virtual adaptor for sharing your internet connection (ie. making a wifi hotspot, or 'hosted network'). To disable this, open an elevated command prompt (cmd as admin) and type in the following commands, in order: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork This stops the hosted network

2017-11-15 · The “microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter” is related to a new feature in Windows 7, Wireless Hosted Network: This device is just a virtual device and it should not affect connecting the wireless network with the physical wireless adapter . However, if you would like to disable it, please use the command in above article. Thanks, Novak

2010-11-19 · Is it safe to disable? The last time I awoke the laptop from sleep I did notice I had no wireless connection. Instead, the icon looked like it wanted me to plug a cable in or something - which I never do. I powered down the machine (which took much longer than usual) then restarted and it hopped aboard my usual wifi connection. How to Fix Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Error 2020-7-19 · Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter is a virtual device that is used to virtualize your network adapter. This feature has been developed since Windows 7 and it can be employed on any laptops and mobile devices with WiFi cards. Commonly, you don’t have to use Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter.

What is the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter

MICROSOFT VIRTUAL WIFI MINIPORT ADAPTER #2 DRIVERS … Windows 7 brought an entirely new realm of features and functionalities to the world of Windows, microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter #2 one of the least known yet highly useful features that were introduced with Windows 7 is the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Mini Port Adapter. Hoe de Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter …