My guess is that your are trying to use a 512-bit key. 512-bit keys are too short to use with SHA-256 (there is not enough room for the minimum padding). Try using a 1024- or 2048-bit key instead. share | improve this answer

STM32 Support for wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library SHA 1024 KB took 0.279 seconds, 3.58 MB/s SHA-256 1024 KB took 0.690 seconds, 1.45 MB/s RSA 2048 encryption took 111.17 milliseconds, avg over 100 iterations Calculate a SHA-512 hash Calculate a SHA hash with 512 Bits from your sensitive data like passwords. You can also upload a file to create a SHA-512 checksum. Additionally provide a shared key to strengthen the security of your hash. Keccak hashing algorithm (SHA-3) - Keccak Coins and miner Jun 26, 2018

For SHA-256, this is 512 bits, for SHA-384 and SHA-512, this is 1024 bits. Output length: the size of the hash value produced by the underlying hash algorithm. For SHA-256, this is 256 bits, for SHA-384 this is 384 bits, and for SHA-512, this is 512 bits. Authenticator length: the size of the "authenticator" in bits.

(PDF) Analysis of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 512 for Analysis of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 512 for Encryption Process on Web Based Application. 1024 sizes. If there is a message with a 24-bit. length, then the message will still be added. Comparison of cryptographic hash functions - Wikipedia

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The combination of no need and no can do meant there was no design of a 1024-bit state SHA-2 hash function. Sponge functions on the other hand allow security to be determined by a combination of sponge capacity and output length. Keccak supports an internal security level up to almost 800-bits, but at a substantial performance hit. Secure Hash Algorithms - Wikipedia Aug 13, 2004 encryption - Sign with RSA-1024 an SHA-256 digest: what is