How to download and install the Windows Phone 8.1 update Apr 16, 2014 How to enable a Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10 May 06, 2016 Windows phone 8.1 to 10 update any chance - Microsoft May 20, 2020 Download Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355) from Official

Aug 31, 2016

Jan 19, 2016 · Microsoft is technically selling two phones with Windows 10 built-in, but it hasn’t released the update for older phones just yet. If you have a Windows phone, though, there’s a good chance you can upgrade it to Windows 10 now, even if your cellular carrier is planning to delay or block the update. Open Windows Insider and join the fast ring. Go back to 'Settings > Phone update' and let your phone search for updates. After 1-2 minutes it should present you with an update. If the version number reads 8.10.15116.125, it's Update 2. Let the phone install the Update. You're now on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. Aug 04, 2014 · Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1, the first major update to the Windows Phone mobile operating system, introduces a virtual personal assistant named Cortana, several cool design tweaks, and a host

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HTC Windows Phones 8X, 8S, and 8XT will now be able to get the Windows Phone 8.1 Update Fixes an Access Violation in "minuser" component which caused WinRT apps and WebViews to crash if scrolled by the user while (or 2–15 seconds after) loading, which was a regression introduced in the 8.1 Update 1 release (8.10.14147.180).