So we have to make a new account to get the free xbox live gold.But i was wondering even tho it does not mean we have to do the same thing ps4 is do but why most every game we need gold.But ps they don't we should use gold for discounts like a games pass membership unlike everything for gold.To me and i don't know every eles.To even talk to your friend u need gold.

Dec 27, 2007 · Yes you do get Xbox Live Silver. For me, when I turned it on, I made my gamertag, then it asks me which type do I want. 1. Xbox Live Silver. 2. Xbox Live Gold 1 month. 3. Xbox Live Gold 3 months. 4. Xbox Live Gold 1 year. You have to pay for Xbox Live Gold. I took Silver because I don't play online. I just get items from Live Marketplace. 3.Enter the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox Live gamertag. If you don’t know your Microsoft account or password, see Find your Microsoft account or password. Note “Microsoft account” is the new name for what used to be called “Windows Live ID.” Feb 25, 2020 · Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles come with a free version of Xbox Live. The basic service allows subscribers to play offline video games, download items from the Xbox Live Marketplace, chat with friends, and use popular entertainment apps like Netflix . The Xbox 360's lifespan will most likely be continued for as long as there can feasibly be profit. The Xbox One is a great system and it could be time to upgrade in this year before the Series X releases but, if I were you I'd wait till it releases to upgrade. That way you get the absolute most out of Xbox Live.

Jun 09, 2019 · Xbox Live Gold provides you with a number of perks. The first is access to online multiplayer in any Xbox One game, so if you want to play with friends you need Gold. More than that, though, Gold

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Jan 15, 2012 · In this video I will be showing you how to join xbox live. This is a UPDATE video. Xbox LIVE 3-Month Gold Card

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