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OAS :: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Human Rights Defenders and Social Leaders in Colombia. More reports » Press Releases 163/20 - IACHR refers case on Ecuador to the Inter-American Court. Washington, D.C., July 10, 2020; 162/20 - IACHR refers case on Ecuador to the Inter-American Court. Human rights legal cases | Equality and Human Rights Eweida & Chaplin v UK. The ECHR found that Nadia Eweida suffered a breach of her right to …

Introduction. On February 6, 2020, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights published a landmark decision in Indigenous Communities Members of the Lhaka Honhat Association v.Argentina. For the first time in a contentious case, the Court analyzed the rights to a healthy environment, indigenous community property, cultural identity, food, and water based on Article 26 of the American Convention

European Court of Human Rights backs BDS activists

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Human rights - Learn how the modernized Court Challenges Program will support Canadians to bring official language rights and human rights cases before the courts. Rights in the workplace Examine the laws and programs in place to protect the right of all Canadians to be treated fairly in the workplace. CHD's Brief to the European Court of Human Rights