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What is the default root password? - Ask Ubuntu However you can enable the root account and set a password for it. To do so use: sudo passwd root Firstly you will be asked for your current user password and after this you will be asked for the new password twice (new and retype password) as your new root password. For more information see RootSudo - Community Ubuntu Documentation. OpenWRT router OpenVPN® setup – HMA Support Oct 04, 2019

Software Reset. Software reset also called soft reset of the router. Soft factory reset method is …

May 05, 2010 · Unfortunately, I had forgotten the password so I could not SSH in or use the web interface. Since this seems like a common problem I decided to create this post covering resetting the root password in OpenWrt. The procedure to reset the root password is listed as a step by step process below. Powered by LuCI Trunk (svn-r9925) OpenWrt Barrier Breaker r38444 The user is root by default. I have tried as password blank, admin and anything else I can think of to get access to the router.

something is seriously wrong with the root password. Recent trunk of luci and openwrt did not accept the standard password "passwd". I did a complete recovery of my Asus WL-500gP (incl. flashing original NVRAM) but no password is accepted by ssh.

In fail safe mode, passwd will not ask for the old password (that you may have forgotten): root@(none):~# mount_root switching to jffs2 overlay root@(none):/rom/root# passwd Changing password for root New password: Retype password: passwd: password for root changed by root root@(none):/rom/root# reboot -f