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Minecraft - Can’t Resolve Hostname Error Fix - GameDB A hostname acts similar to a domain name, but one that is used to connect to the server. Typically servers will add the “play” subdomain to achieve this. The “can’t resolve hostname” error in Minecraft means that the game is unable to find the hostname that you are entering… MapQuest Developer Network | Unable to resolve Hostname Unable to resolve Hostname Caused by: Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname Top unable to resolve hostname | Fortinet Technical Discussion Mar 19, 2019

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$ hostname --fqdn hostname: Temporary failure in name resolution There are different ways that this could be resolved, one of which is to add your hostname as localhost in /etc/hosts (as shown in several other answers). This may be the right thing to do in general, but it isn't the only possible resolution. networking - Windows 10 can't resolve hostnames - ping Windows 10 can't resolve hostnames - ping with IP works but not with hostname. The browser doesn't load any pages, whether they are addressed with IP or hostname. ping doesn't work, returning Ping request could not find host ping (google IP) does work, sending and receiving all packets. Unable to Resolve Hostnames - Networking - Spiceworks Apr 12, 2017