May 27, 2019 · Smart DNS vs VPN: Reasons Why We Use VPNs and Smart DNS Proxy Service The ways we use our VPN varies greatly. Depending on your device, as much as on your age, gender, interests, and several other factors you may use your VPN just for basic protection, or for a wide variety of reasons, from business to communication, to simply entertainment.

Get our NEAT Feature - SmartPlay-DNS! | NordVPN All that is possible because SmartPlay combines the best features of the VPN and Smart DNS technologies. If you used a regular Smart DNS service, you would set its server as the preferred DNS server in your router or network settings. That would give you more access to various streaming content but add no extra security to your connection. What Is Smart DNS Tech & How Does Smart DNS Work? | … Mar 07, 2019 Smart DNS Articles Archives | CactusVPN

· Smart DNS Is Less Expensive (or cheaper) Than a VPN Service. Typically, a Smart DNS subscription will cost you much less than a subscription to a VPN Service. FREE (For A Limited Time Only!) Experience The Superiority Of Using A Smart DNS Proxy To Stream/View Region Restricted Or Blocked Content . (a brand of Global

Jan 05, 2020 · Smart DNS Proxy is the property of Global Stealth Inc., a Seychelles-registered company that has been on the security market since 1995. As of late, they also offer a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with a variety of protocols and support for a large number of platforms. Smart DNS Proxy is a safe bet. Jan 11, 2019 · Benefits of Smart DNS. Compared to a VPN connection, the Smart DNS Proxy is generally faster. And when you’re streaming that can be important, though VPN speeds are usually good enough to stream movies (assuming you’re using a quality service). Smart DNS also is usually cheaper in cost than using a VPN service. Aug 31, 2017 · So a VPN is not the ideal choice whilst streaming videos . With a SmartDNS Connection. When it comes to unblocking geo-restriction on videos sites like Netflix, HBO NOW etc, Smart DNS is the better option. Why? Well, u nlike a VPN, SmartDNS don’t change my IP address or encrypt the data. So every connection that you make is high speed just

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Apr 16, 2018 VPN vs DNS: Which one should you choose and why? Jan 12, 2017