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Can a PS3 work with a computer monitor instead of a TV I'm using this to connect my PS3 to my 2.1 creative sounds you know you get the red and white into it and you put it the bass one or where the setup is ;) 10 years ago nervmeister Connect PS3 Controller on PC Windows 10/8/7 or Laptop Installation of Software. Step-1. Download the software listed above, and start by installing the four … How do I hook up ps3 to my computer/ monitor? | [H]ard|Forum Dec 18, 2008 How do you connect a ps3 to an acer laptop using HDMI

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If the monitor has an HDMI port you can hook it up that way. If not, you can hook it up to the monitor port using a special PS3 cable. You usually can pick up these cables at your local Gamestop.

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This feature is mostly used to play games online with people from around the world. However, you can actually use the Internet feature to connect your PS3 to your laptop. Once connected, you can play games on the PS3 console right from your computer. All it requires is a networking cable. It just gives you an HDMI input to connect TVs. So given that the idea others threw that with a tuner one can display ps3 in a laptop's screen, if you go buy a tuner with HD support (apparently having HDMI input) you are done. If I were you I'd youtube it first An alternative is to bo buy an HD monitor. sold cheaply! Sep 09, 2010 · You can't output vga from the ps3, or input component to a monitor, so it's gotta be HDMI. Most monitors don't have HDMI-input, but a lot of them have DVI input. You can convert HDMI to DVI with a simple, $5 cable because they are both digital signalsCheck your monitors specs and if it is HDCP-compliant, and has dvi or hdmi input, you can use Jul 02, 2013 · They used to make a couple that were specifically very low latency so that you could play console games on your laptop screen, but the drivers are no longer compatible. Those were not HD -- they accepted 480i signal through sVideo and composite -- I doubt USB 2.0 could reliably handle 1080p bandwidth with low enough latency.