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How To Set Up A New iPhone: Quick Start Guide - Macworld UK If you've just bought a new iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, or received an older handset as a hand-me-down, you'll be wanting to get it set up with your data and settings. iPhone Basics: Security and General Settings Face ID, Touch ID, and Passcode. In the Settings app, you can also customize the security for unlocking your iPhone. By default, all iPhone models require a passcode to unlock them. Older models that have the Home button also allow you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint with a feature called Touch ID. However, the iPhone XS and XR no longer have a Home button, meaning they can't read Apple iPhone 5S - setting it up Setting up Touch ID 'Touch ID' is the fingerprint recognition on your iPhone. You can use it to unlock your phone, make payments using your phone, and for some apps (like banking apps) to authenticate you. You'll need to have set up a passcode first, before you can set up Touch ID.

Oct 23, 2019

To turn on Safari’s AutoFill feature and options, tap Home, and then tap Settings Safari Passwords & AutoFill to display the AutoFill settings screen. Here’s how each option works: Use Contact Info: Tap On and Safari fills in online forms with your personal information. That personal information is pulled from your information in Contacts. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus setup guide: 10 easy first Set up the new iPhone as a new phone and don’t transfer data from an old iPhone. When the Quick Start screen appear, tap the Set Up Manually link at the bottom. On the next screen, select a Wi

Mar 31, 2020

Setting Up a Password for the iPhone 5 . If you are not used to using a passcode to unlock your iPhone 5, it is going to be a little tedious at first. Swiping your finger to the side is certainly a much simpler way to unlock the device, but it offers no security. The benefit of having your device locked is, for most people, worth the added iPhone 5C Unboxing and Setup- iPhone 5C Unboxing Green Sep 20, 2013