On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More .; Click More tools Clear browsing data.; At the top, click the drop-down next to 'Time range'. Choose a time period, such as the past hour or the past day.; Tick 'Cookies and other site data'. Google Chrome privacy isn't the best. These browser Chrome extensions can also help manage cookies -- small files websites leave on your computer to store your website settings, such as address and other personal identifiable information. Malicious extensions on Chrome browser enjoyed over 32m

Google removes two Chrome ad blocker extensions caught Sep 19, 2019

From UiPath Studio In the Setup ribbon tab, from the Setup Extensions menu, select Chrome. The Chrome Web Store is opened in Google Chrome.Click the Add to Chrome button. A confirmation dialog box is displayed.Click the Add extension button. The extension is now installed.Please note that file acc

I'm getting a black screen with no sound. If you're using Chrome, you may want to disable unnecessary add-ons before trying again. To disable extensions in Chrome: In the Address Bar in Chrome, type chrome://extensions. In the list of extensions, use the toggle to disable any extensions that are currently enabled (enabled extensions will display a … 18 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions that You Must