Virgin Media says internet working as normal amid reports

Basic Troubleshooting - Virgin Mobile Canada STILL NOT WORKING? If your phone still isn’t working after you’ve tried these basic troubleshooting steps, head to a Virgin Mobile Service Lounge to get hands-on technical support.. If your phone needs to get repaired, make sure you back up your info before sending it in! Opinion: leaving Virgin Media is far harder than it needs Oct 10, 2019 Solved: Virgin Super Hub will not connect with printer After the Virgin hub was installed I can no longer use the printer wirelessly without the desktop being on, The new hub cannot find the printer to connect as is did before to other laptops, i had no problem with my old hub and separate router. I have tried everything suggested by Virgin (not much there) and reinstalled my printer drivers. Virgin Media Hub 3 NEW Faults | Everything you WANT and

Not all ISPs use traffic management, so if this is a problem you might want to consider switching to a different internet provider. Problems with sites and services If a particular web site or service is being unusually sluggish, but everything else is normal, then the problem almost certainly lies outside your broadband connection.

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A new Sky Broadband connection costs £20 if you need a new landline and is free if you already have one. There may also be a setup cost depending on the bundle you choose; this is often around £9.95 to cover the delivery cost of your router. Sky TV also takes around two weeks and will require a working phone line or broadband connection.

Internet not working on Windows 7, Virgin broadband